ABOUT BM - Engineering

Founded in 2017, BM - Engineering a supplier of engineering and mechanical engineering activities. Team is created a young of engineers and mechanics, who have a practical skill in the field since 2009. These experience guarantees precise processing of the project and realization. We can offer in our engineering company clients flexibility and reliability in every direction. We are focused to development and production of assembly fixtures, single-purpose and multi-purpose devices, piece, and series custom production.


The company's goal is to meet all the customer's requirements regarding the project and provide him with an optimal solution for technical design, implementation, and top product quality. To achieve our goals, we use the most modern technologies in the field of design and production.


Technical solutions

focusing to the situation

design according to requirements

design of technical sheets

calculations for various technical tasks

CAD models

3D models and 3D assemblies

modeling according to the old 2D documentation

modification of the existing models


Mechanical engineering production

CNC machining, surface finishing

basic welding

assembly and welding work

service of the equipment’s

3D printing - plastic filament